Roselia Community Day Event Summary and Overview Sun, Feb 7, 2021, AM to PM Local Time COMMUNITY Day I BONUSES Increased Spawns Egg Hatch Distance e 3 hour Incense Pictured Roselia I SHINY PREVIEW I EXCLUSIVE MOVE Roselia evolved to Roserade or Roserade KM caught during the 6 hour event plus two hour after will learn the Exclusive Moves. a   Bullet Seed 8 Weather Ball 60 Budew Roselia Roserede You cannot use non elite TMs to learn Exclusive Moves I COMMUNITY DAY BUNDLE I SPECIAL RESEARCH STORY time purchase Roselia Community Day Stop and Smell the Roselia Bundle includes an Elite Fast TM. Optional Special Research  Includes $0.99 USD * Free with a Pokmon GO Tour Kanto Ticket 1280 I TIMED RESEARCH I PHOTOBOMBS I EGGS Earn Sinnoh Stones from the Take a few snapshots during Budew will be hatc