Live in a rich part of the chicago suburbs. On my way back from class i saw a homeless man walking out of this recently abandoned house with a jeep with no wheel in the front yard on a busy road. There were three crosses spray painted on the garage. He said he slept in the jeep one window was left open by previous owner . lve always wanted to look inside the house and he said he opened a window for me. We talked as if we were good friends, we talked about the election and other things and we agreed about god and everything. I did not have more than ten minutes to talk because i had to be home but im convinced he was more than a man. This house was the only one by this church school as well. Very meloncholy experience memes

Turning Left on a Busy Highway with no Traffic Light Starter Pack Waiting for the last car to get out of your way so you can turn but they go so. goddamn. slow. Cars piling up behind you As soon as you have an and you do not want to opening in one direction, a hold them back billion cars come from the other direction HOLY SHIT, CAN YOU HURRY THE FUCK UP ALREADY meme

Anonymous ID No.28479931 Idea 2.png 122 KB PNG Fellas, I have a business idea. It's essentially a cycling machine that jerks you off with a fleshlight while you're pedaling. I recognize that a lot of neets are lazy fat fucks that do not go outside the house so this invention intends to make those very neets healthy by employing a method of exercise that will work for them. I believe that by incentivizing the coomer to exercise thru masturbation, we can make healthier neets. Thoughts Concerns Questions meme

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Hunger Games The Feast The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes families. ChunkyGator sets an explosive off, Perii, Sodote, DOTDOTDASH and AX50. not a bad slime decides not to go to The Feast. BetrothedHungerGamez, BlazingDoom, and Recull unsuccessfully ambush TehFrenchestFry, Spira, and Cajun, who them instead. Proceed. If you skip the feast, you are a bad slime.  If you skip the feast, you are a bad slime memes

Estefania Morell stefania More Ga Today 12 PM Hey bae idk you but you fine af CE foolish I'm busy watching Shameless, I have no time for your games right now coon, go away pest and eat your fried chicken or something, stupid monkey. You should be planting fruits in my garden though, I need a handy man to do all my chores around my house right now. I won't pay you though, I'll just fart in your face after you finished all your work and you'll like it trust me. WHITE POWER AND ALL HAIL SHAWN MENDES AND HARRY STYLES Yo wtf ok then you got Leave me alone if you aren't interested in my offer then ni be gone ape, go bi to the jungle. Ight, by the way my nigga Tarzan says hi, bye puta. Seen a 8 BB Not my replies part meme

Vernie Seidel Updated January 17 Leather Worker at Seidel Leather 2020 present What is it like to commit murder I wasn't going to answer this. However, I feel I owe it to those who have supported me. I also want to explain to others that I just did not kill someone out of revenge or hate. I am hoping this will give a better picture to everyone My 14 year old brother was being abused by a 22 year old distant relative. This was every abuse including threats of death by shooting. I told my parents they did not believe me. I told a retired cop friend. He just turned around and told my parents. I was out of options. So, during deer season, I looked for him. I finally found him and walked up to him with tears in my eyes and asked him why he wanted to hurt my brother. He asked why I was crying li

YOUR OUTRAGE IS MANUFACTURED BLM RIOTS LEFT WING VIOLENCE Lasted 7 months Condemned mostly by Republicans Encouraged by media and politicians Police force used 23 people shot dead 700 officers injured 150 fed. buildings damaged Hundreds of small businesses destroyed No Outrage CAPITOL RIOT RIGHT WING VIOLENCE Lasted several hours Condemned by all Republicans and Democrats Encouraged only by fringe political groups Police force used person shot dead 14 officers injured One federal building damaged No small businesses destroyed Nationwide Outrage memes

Dan Price Gravity Payments As a CEO, people keep telling me to keep politics out of business. If we did that, America would still have *Slavery *Child labor *Women banned from work *Mandated 80 hour work weeks *Legal discrimination *No weekends *No minimum wage *No holidays, vacation days or sick time *No employer sponsored health insurance or retirement plans Stop the politics means keep the status quo. 9,279 528 comments meme