IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK JANE DOE, proceeding under a pseudonym, Plaintiff, Case No. DONALD J. TRUMP and JEFFREY E. EPSTEIN, JURY TRIAL DEMANDED VAL ACTS, ABUSE, FORCIBLE TOUCHING, ASSAULT, BATTERY, INTENTIONAL IMPRISONMENT, AND DE FAMATION Plaintiff Jane Doe, proceeding under a pseudonym, brings this action against Donald J Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein, and alleges that PART Plaintiff is an individual residing in and a citizen of the State of California. Upon information and belief, Defendants Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein each reside in this District and are citizens of the State of New York. oF New York Tor purposes of diversity jurisdictiopunder 28 7999 meme
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7 Nick Steel xNickSteelx In 1994, California voters approved Proposition 187, an initiative designed to discourage illegal immigration and save taxpayer money by denying public benefits to illegals. However, Jewish judge Mariana Pfaelzer struck it down. California now has at least 2.2 million illegals. 187 Popular Vote By County 50 60 70 80 PM  Mar 4, 2020 602 284 people are Tweeting about this memes
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February 12 1976 Actor Sal Mineo is killed in Hollywood Actor Sal Mineo is stabbed to death in Hollywood, California. Mineo was parking his car behind his apartment when neighbors heard his cries for help. Some described a white man with brown hair fleeing the scene. By the time they reached Mineo, he was almost dead from a deep wound to his chest. He died minutes later. Sal Mineo was a famous teen actor in the 1950s. He co starred with James Dean in both Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. The transition to adult roles did not come easily for Mineo, but he later appeared in films such as The Longest Day and Escape From the Planet of the Apes, and consistently performed guest spots on television series. On the night he was killed, Mineo was returning from rehearsing for a play. For two years,
Coronavirus California breaks daily lifornia keeps key virus California breaks daily California keeps key virus data death record as cases out of public sight y By OON THOMPSON yesterday slow down By DON THOMPSON As of With cases down 29% from a week ago and one of the largest single day decreases in hospitalizations, California is still recording its deadliest days of the COVID 19 pandemic By EVAN WEBECK I I Bay Area SACRAMENTO, Calif. AP  California Gov. Gavin Newsom has from the start said News Group PUBLISHED January 22, 2021 at a.m. I UPDATED  A return to normalcy   A return to normalcy meme