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AVA A homeowner on the city's South Side shot a man who was attempting to break into his home early Friday morning, San Antonio police said. al Homeowner shoots man trying break into house with pickax, police say OO 153 38 Comments 17 Shares Like Comment Share Top Fan Demetri Ramirez Dude was playing Minecraft while my guy was playing Call of Duty Like Reply 37 memes
Anonymous No.844275497 When I was in high school my best friend and I had like a 6 month period or so where we'd jerk each other off pretty often. The first time it happened I was sleeping over at his house and we'd been playing call of duty all night lol. When we were both trying to sleep we'd been just talking shit for a while and I jokingly mentioned that I was sleeping naked since that's just how I normally sleep, he thought I was joking and pulled off the blanket when I wasn't paying attention and my dick was hard. Not for any particular reason, this was high school, but he was like wtf man and jokingly complimented my dick. Then he said he was gonna sleep naked too and I pulled off the covers to see if he was joking or not. Sure enough, his cock was also hard and I was like damn dude