If BOBA is the one calling me about that shit every damn day I might have to rethink my priorities. and IWannaFuckBobaFett 56rn ON want at something, IWantToFuckAhsoka s Two horny Star Wars fans in the same comment section Two horny Star Wars fans in the same comment section meme
Physiognomy Ugly.people are wrong. Chad Hominem Interesting thesis. Bench Ignoring the argument completely Bro psychology Daddy issues Scorpions never to change their nature. never You complain a lot. Appeal to AEsop Ad patronum Refuting the Meta point I Why are you advocating for unprincipled exceptions refuting the central point refutation counterargument states the conactio states the case criticizes the tone of the writing without attacks the characteristics or authority of the writer ad hominen sounds something like, You are an ass hat. name calling meme
Travis Allen TravisAllen02 14h Please stop calling Mar a Lago and asking for the President because they are getting mad. Do not call 561 832 2600 132 968 2,917 DeAndre Lemon DeAndreWhit 14h Please DO NOT call Hunter Biden and ask for crack because they will hang up on you. Here is the number not to call 302 837 4377 Please retweet and like if you understand. il memes
Eugene Stoner 1954 1956 ArmaLite Begins Designing Rifles In 1954, the first weapon design from ArmaLite was produced the AR 5. This bolt action rifle with a.22 Hornet round was developed as a survival rifle for the flight crew in the U.S. Airforce. AR 5 What was the concept behind the AR 5c  The United States Air Force needed a rifle that would be lightweight and compact enough to stowaway onboard a bomber in the airplane's survival kits. The Airforce adopted the AR 5, calling it the MA 1, adopting it for regular use in 1956. The AR 5 came apart, letting you stow it away, and would even float, making it ideal for use during a water landing. The AR 5 put ArmaLite on the map, giving them the credibility they needed to go on to develop meme
Ap chris donis thinking about in grade when I got escorted to the police station after school because they found out I was prank calling local businesses as ricky pee pee and when i walked in, the officer who was waiting there with my mom to talk to me said if it isn't ricky pee pee meme