On September Srd. 2003.the Hubble Space Telescope began pointing its camera at a small area in the night sky. The area, about a tenth the size of the full moon, appeared to be complete blackness with no stars visible to the naked eye. and y Hubble kept its camera pointed there for over 4 months, taking in all the light it could. This is what Hubble saw, Each dot in this image is an entire ge Each galaxy cofitains up to 1. trillion stars. Each star may Rave a systern of planets THERE ARE 10, GALAXIES IN THIS PHOTO. ALONE, These are the most distant6 objects ever photographed More than 13 billion light years. ah, The large galaxy pictured here contains 8 times as many Sters as our Milky Way Galaxy. It is so large, it technically shouldn't exist according to current physics theories. The e
Stove heating hidden to Rostov's slums there is a world famous scientific centre of the so called eniology as is the name for the science of everg I informetion exchange t anto Is Russian acronym for that . The centre employees are opening a branch office in the USA where they have been invited to carry out serious work with those who have so far failed to recover from the 11 September tragic events. It will be another attempt to rid the people of the demon mask haunting them as it was seen by a photo camera and not onlyhthe camera. The rehabilitation method developed in Rostov na Dona and called energy information adjustment  the session looks approximately like this  has attracted the attention of many In the USA where the attitude to similar methods is much more serious than in Rus ia.
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