M, K. Thor Jensen kthorjensen The new right wing explanation for yesterday was that the storming of the Gesteel was actually a secret military sting operation so the Marines could seize laptops and the Q Shaman has cameras in his horns. These people will believe literally anything. The military took all of the laptops from Congress when they left the premises. They were messaging the CCP, and the Fake News. This onslaught of the Gepitel Building by was a Sting Operation They Were Caught Red Handed The dude wearing the horns, I explained in another post he's actually an undercover Marine, and he was playing the part. His name and social media profile, calling him an artar.wee attancdad nrnatacte hoth Ai AA anri memes
Saturday at Edited Why, America Just why Are DVD players and cameras more important than human life Why do we desire earthly possessions more than each other Will there ever come a day when America will be more than a blood thirsty nation Please America. Look up and see the hurt and lost and remember that was a terroist attack. But this. this was us. My heart goes out to those grieving. Praying for y'all. 42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record theenion memes
File c5b4 65 KB, 420x280  J Anonymous No.847182344  847182527  847182622 Be me wagecuck beta working a shitty corporate finance job today is Jessica's birthday whocares. jfif how russians use voice chat there's like 5 Jessicas our manager makes us join a Zoom call with cameras on because corporate autism  Happy Birthday to you, Jessica  OMG   Everyone, now let's each wish Jessica something, that starts with a letter J  areyoufuckingkiddingme.webm everyone wishes normie shit like jolliness and joy how can you be joyful while stuck in this awful meeting but then it happened it was some grill's from accounting turn to give her corporate mandated letter J wish and I kid you fucking not she leans in to her corporate issued PC microphone as close as possible and just  JET PLANE FLYING  absolute
Stuart stevens stuartpstevens Really Let's ask FBI. The FBI should get records of every cell phone at the Gepreot and interview each person. There are surveillance cameras everywhere around estal. This was a terrorist attack and should be treated as such. Aaron Rupar atrupar Sh Holy shit. Matt Gaetz just said, some of the people who breached the Gaits today were not Tremeer supporters, they were masquerading as FeFrp supporters and in fact were members of the violent terrorist group errttfa. LIVE Show this thread if US. IC SPAN REP. MATT GAETZ R Florida, Ist District Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, DeFuniak Springs TE REJECTS OBJECTION TO ARIZONA ELECTORAL VOTES, 93 6 381 T11,576 memes
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