Hunger Games The Bloodbath As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds. thegates takes a spear from inside the cornucopia. Recull runs away from the Cornucopia. LOn3w01f sets an explosive off, Shitlips, Nidus, and Tomate. DadLostOrphan grabs a backpack and retreats. Kellerbot repeatedly Pur ple to death with sais. AX50 finds a canteen full of water. Cajun, Sodote, and LordSheev start fighting, but Sodote runs away as Cajun LordSheev. Pick grabs a jar of fishing bait while VommyHungerGamez gets fishing gear. BlazingDoom finds a backpack full of camping equipment. Azure The Riolu runs away from the Cornucopia. Propane Joe, fortnightburgerdotnet, BetrothedHungerGamez, and ChunkyGator share everything they gathered before running. clkman57 and DOTDOTDASH fight for a bag. DOTDOTDASH
1 Go camping 2 observe the meteor with your family shower 3 Hear the darkness 4 Missing, since January he Full resolution version, original post was a screenshot of my camera roll to deliberatly lower resolution Full resolution version, original post was a screenshot of my camera roll to deliberatly lower resolution meme
NR I had decided to go out camping for a weekend. I hadn't really spent much time out in the woods in the last few years, even though I used to love camping. I do not know, things just started adding up, I got distracted, and it all just led to me not having time be able to go out and spend a night or two among the trees under For this I was thinking something along the lines of something not human, like Ghosts, Nekos, really anything that isn't just another normal person. Let me hear your ideas, please. Something unnatural or supernatural is preferred. I'm a straight male and only play as such. Tristan  Male  Straight  21 Years Old  Lean Build Medium Long Length Dark Brown Hair  Brown Eyes me I have a rules page on my account. Please read through it before chatting me to make sure we woul
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Beretta Pistol I Sportsman's x pd Get FREE Standard Shipping on Orders Over $49  TS GE STORE IN TING, SHOOTING FISHING CAMPING BOATING Search BOATING OUTDOOR COOKING CLOTHING FOOTWEAR HOME SHOOTING GEAR  HANDGUNS  BERETTA PISTOL Beretta Piste by Beretta FROM $548.00 SAVE UP TO $50 ON YOUR SELECT OPTIONS RESTRICTIONS APPLY They're sold out but there's other places, thoughts on this for my first, eventually getting CCL memes
Florida Anonymous No.20908776   20s06812 Ihave a story to share, be me, innaflo rida, camping out in Myakka Myakka is pretty much 3 foot tall palmettos and huge ass oaks further into the woods be with scoutbro from when I was Boy Scout, pretty far into the woods but not far from a campsite take my nugget along for the lulz and they have a range so I might be able to put some rounds down it before I leave Anyways, it gets to about Sunset And we began to smell that coppery smell most klommandos report when shits about to go down linstantly know what's up, thank you based kd smother xS4r into white ash, clutch nugget tightly friend doesn't know what the fuck I'm doing but he smells ittoo, tell him a quick story behind it while my head is on 360 swivel Hear a small rustiing, spun around at the