PlayStation2 PlayStation.e STA ravorite game Favorite Favorite Rardest Funniest I PlayStation. CHAOS WARS Best story game game You hate peveryone but likeg underrated evervone You like bu avervone You Underrated I Overrated acting acting Favorite Favorite avorite protagonist I Faverite III Most hated haracter First you game played ara protagonist village character IIII you played Sige CAPCOM avorite company company Depressing game I Creepy I game ending company company game game game ending meme
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Hideaki Itsuno Capcom vs. SNK 2 director, Capcom Japan Shortly after we finished Capcom vs. SNK 2, we started working on a version of Capcom vs. SNK 3 for the CvS3 was meant to be the last fighting game, but then it ended up becoming a game along the way, and then SNK folded and that project sot canceled too memes
Yuji Ishihara and Yusuke Murata tag teaming a Mega Man games art is the dream. Yuji is the artist for Mega Man 11, Battle Network, Star Force and Legends while Murata has done One Punch Man, Ids and a ton of Marvel, Street Fighter and Mega Man fanart, including winning the robot master contest, creating Dust Man and Crystal Man. Ideally I want Yuji to do all the official art and humanoid designs with Murata doing the enemy and non humanoid designs. Mainly because I'm not too big on how Murata draws the humanoid MM characters but love Dust Mans design and he's phenomenal at drawing monsters, and ESPECIALLY machinery  design and he's phenomenal at drawing monsters, and ESPECIALLY machinery meme