Announcing the New LadiMac Lngineered HYORA MATIC DRIVE OW YOU greatest CAN et, recent on all Cadillac advancement cars, new motoring's Hydra Matic greatest recent advancement A new Hydra Matic Drive, designed and engineered by Cadillac to match the superior quality and stamina of the Cadillac chassis, is now optional on all at moderate extra cost. Seldom have you read such welcome news, because Cadillac engineered Hydra Matic Drive sensationally improves all phases of car opcration Driving ease is doubled shitting is completely automatic Economy is increased fourth speed saves gas, oil, and engine wear Safety is greater the engine can not stall As for performance starting is fluid smooth pick up is faster and travel is ever so much quicter at cruising speeds Get the facts when you see the

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As Sobble is Behbeh Imagine if Pixar responded to the Pixar moms meme by making Cars 4 and having a huge twist where we learn that Lightning McQueen's mom is a literal dump truck. WHAT IF WE GAVE EVERY PIXAR MOM A DUMP TRUCK ASS Jess Pixar Pixar May 10 To all the incredible moms out there, we wish you all a very happy MothersDay

A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge profits is not areal society but a huge mental asylum. MORE STORIES Wail Donald Trump wants FDA to approve oleander plant extract as a drug to cure Covid 19 after it was promoted by Ben Carson and My Pillow founder despite no proof that it works By Ross Ibbetson For Mailonline 17 Aug 2020, updated 1951 17 Aug 2020 meme

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Impeach this terroristic traitor NOW. He continues to incite violence to attack our government because he's a LOSER. We must peacefully transition to the Biden admininstion Lock this criminal up to protect our country. LockUpTump MAGATerrorists We must peacefully transition to the Biden admininstion Lock this criminal up to protect our country. LockUpTump MAGATerrorists meme

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