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Almost casey sabertoothwalrus Follow mapsontheweb US Elevation. by cstats1 man the Appalachian mountains really aren't shit huh ra archosaur automaton The Rockies are new, young and virile and fresh from the Laramide orogeny, tall and lanky teenagers on the geological scale. the Appalachian mountains are old, formed hundreds of millions of years ago before dinosaurs walked the Earth. They are ancients, elders, witnesses to half a billion years of life coming and going. To be tall is not a virtue. To be small is not a sin. The Appalachians are eroding under the weight of time, slowly shrinking and returning to the Earth from which they sprang. Appreciate them while they are still here. beabaseball I do want to say real quick again about the age of the Appalachians They said before dinosaurs
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