QUI Your Event  From to 12.0dam local time Feb. 30  and  31 Greetings Trainers, Well you've finally done it. We give up. We've had it with all of your complaining. They should make it easier to beat bosses  Inever get any shinies  Why do they fix one bug and create two more  Boo Hoo. Your constant whining has finally gotten to us we're creating a new event that we hope will finally shut you up for good. Honestly if we'd known the amount of complaining that we were going to get, we might have reconsidered even building the damn game in the first place. In the Wild Let's face it you weren't going to get one of these anyway. 100% shiny rate, 100% catch rate. Happy now Shiny Relicanth, Shiny 2walous Shiny This Th Shiny All Hats All Hats Pikachu Yeu tlove hats, wwe just know it in Egg hatch dis