Lil Pump Has Started an Account FOLLOW DomisLiveNEWS In a span of less than 5 years he went from unknown, to worldwide celebrity, to irrelevant and broke. Incredible  In a span of less than 5 years he went from unknown, to worldwide celebrity, to irrelevant and broke. Incredible memes
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Ricky Gervais hate mega post think Ricky Gervais is really stuck up and can not admit when he's wrong so he makes fun of people to feel superior. He doesn't want to think about his problems and deflects any people trying to him by calling those people miserable. He thinks Christians and people who follow rules are lesser because they haves morals and do not just indulge in anything that feels good. People like him tend to be addicted to things like drugs, porn or alcohol and yet still think others are restricted or trapped because God says not to do those things. He reminds me of those people in highschool who were raised Christian but never went to church and their only experience with the bible is looking up verses on the internet that prove his point against Christianity. He read parts
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TWAIN PRIZE CAN HUMOR IN PRIZE Chappelle's Show Returns to Netflix With Dave Chappelle's Blessing I'ma fan of this man, but this is kinda whack, it was already on Netflix he bitched they took it down,and now it back up with his blessing  I'ma fan of this man, but this is kinda whack, it was already on Netflix he bitched they took it down,and now it back up with his blessing memes
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