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The lack of Black college football coaches is still glaring, and so are the excuses behind it IVAN MAISEL Dec 3, 2020 Why is there a lack of diversity among college football coaches Ivan Maise details college football's ongoing challenge with a lack of diversity among its coaches. Apparently teams need to throw resumes out the window and hire coaches just because of race  Apparently teams need to throw resumes out the window and hire coaches just because of race meme
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Wilfred chan the president of the united states cannot express anarchist comments. because he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES via In recent days, as Trump's bid to overturn the election became increasingly desperate, he expressed anarchist comments in private, a second Republican close to the White House told me. The Republican said Trump told people that he wanted David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to lose the Georgia Senate runoff election as a way of punishing them and Mitch McConnell. Trump told people he is really angry that the senators and McConnell hadn't stood up for him to challenge the election. He's happy they lost. According to the Republican, Trump has said he'll be the most dominant force in Republican politics if there's no party leadership meme