Sonichu's Poetry Corner *Saddest Heart in the World* By. Christian W. Chandler November 4, 2003 Lonesome and sad, lonesome and sad, the Mastermind is very bad. In efforts of getting a Boy gal, that female dog took my only idea for a fall. Heart broken, sad and very lonely, may never remove my virginity. And with Backstreet Boys tune, I sing my lonesome croon  Tell me why, I'm stuck as a virgin with rage. Tell me why, so need a cute girl my age. Tell me why, ain't ever wanna hear you say, have a boyfriend. And so, deep in dreary thought, a girl was what sought. A stitch in time, will never remove my crying rhyme. may be destined for loneliness forever fate is to blame whatever, conclude this cry, to say that as long as there are no matching girls, my happiness well runs dry memes
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