Today PM Check out my humpstock. It decreases accuracy by 97 percent but fuck is it fun to shoot. cursed rifle I'm just trying to picture the madman who takes this to the shooting range Yeah, I'm pretty sure they do not allow fleshlights at school memes
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Fenix We've had a few potential customers call this morning to ask why they have to check a box stating they did not vote for Joe Biden in order to purchase our ammunition. 3,469 Retweets 904 Quote Tweets Fenix Kulak Ammunition Replying to FenixAmmunition First question  are we serious Yes, we are serious. Joe Biden ran on a campaign built on the most radical gun control platform a major party candidate has ever had, including banning the online sale of ammunition. Essentially, a plan to bankrupt our company. wy 5959 hy Ca Fenix Kulak Ammunition 22 Second question  couldn't I have voted for him for other reasons Sure, that's possible, but if you did, you should immediately sell any firearms you own out of solidarity. Os 11354 5349, Fenix Kulak Ammunition Third question  are you really will
Anonymous asked I fucking hate the color of your blog. The light blue makes it hard to read You hurt my feelings. Please become experiments for scientists. Check the blog now anon pukiche That's right it's still light blue fuck you pukicho Hey I just wanna give a quick shout out to me for this one memes
Image Credit Check out this bizarre bunker This underground house in Las Vegas was designed to look like the outside world. Stretching over 14,000 square feet, this bunker includes a pool, spa, trees, a guest house, a BBQ, and a fountain, as well as 500 feet of murals memes