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SomeoneElseCommented WEIRD This strange mass may not look like much, but it's called the Elephant's Foot, and it leaked out during the Chernobyl disaster. Even in Chernobyl today, it packs enough radioactivity to end person's life within minutes of exposure. And it's slowly burning through the floor of the power plant and into the ground, posing catastrophic consequences. Gel a best seller audible memes
Ranking Shows Based on How Many Episodes They Have in imdb's Top 50 Highest Rated TV Episodes If the series contains a perfect 10 it will have a by its name. Attack on Titan* Game of Thrones Mr. Robot I Star Wars The Clone Wars 3 Breaking Bad* I Person of Interest I Chernobyl I Hannibal I Avatar The Last Bojack Horseman 1 Chernobyl I Hannibal I Avatar The Last Airbender I Vinland Saga I Demon Slayer I Six Feet Under I The Promised Neverland I Barry I Better Call Saul I My Hero Academia I Lucifer I Violet Evergarden I Samurai Jack I This is Us I LazyTown I The Americans I Star Wars Rebels I Rick and Morty I Gravity Falls I Suits memes
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