BUT CNICKy Gip IS Detter tnen pussy, change my mind StarWarsNews 177 Disregard females, aquire Buffalo chicken dip straight out of the crock pot. ILoveChickFilaSauce 727 I got a pretty good Buffalo chicken dip recipe if anybody wants it. It's a whole rotisserie chicken, shredded and put into a big pot with 2 blocks of cream cheese, a bottle of Frank's red hot, and about 2 3 cups of shredded cheddar. Just mix it all up in the pot on the stove top and serve. Alucard The Vampire Sh se 397 BOYS had some buffa Chic dip the other day had left overs, got bright idea, refrigerate, mix in shredded mozzarella, form balls, freeze balls, dip into flour, egg wash, crushed corn flakes. Deep say something funny war ROBOTS INSTALL memes