I do not like to call Frankenstein's creation a monster because he seems pretty chill, so I just call him Frankenstein's lil boi tnefuzzhead b obbs *new yorker accent* yeah, that's guy's just Frankie's kid, what's it to ya  Yeah that's Frankie's kid, his pop dont treat im right, neither do most people round here, but he ain't a bad kid, just in a bad sitiation meme
Anonymous No.810541537 be me sea turtle chilling in the reef with my wife have to move from reef to reef for munchies 30KBJpG one day chilling in the seagrass, munchin spot massive fucking jellyfish holyshit.jpg swim towards it as fast as i can finally reach the jellyfish take a bite wif its plastic die from intestinal bloackage Fucking humans meme