On Christmas eve Thursday, Israeli jets bombed targets in the central Syrian town of Masyaf, reportedly targeting a weapons depot and facilities used for manufacturing short range missiles. Israel has said most of its attacks have been aimed at suspected Iranian weapons shipments believed to be bound for Hezbollah. Dec 30, 2020 AP article israel iran m Syrian army says Israeli strike near Damascus kills soldier  AP News Remember that Israeli has been bombing Syrian Christians on Christmas every time for years now and no one in the media cares  Remember that Israeli has been bombing Syrian Christians on Christmas every time for years now and no one in the media cares memes
Follow Sneaking witchcraft into Christmas *cackles slightly* Okay so, for years I've done this thing where I slip tumbled stones like Tiger's Eye, Hematite and Jasper into my niece's and nephew's Christmas stocking under the pretext of adding to their rock collection , when in reality I'm growing their arsenal of magical tools and promoting the love of nature. The adults think they are just getting shiny rocks but later we discuss the magical properties of the stones and how to use them. Witchmas on the dl low key witchcraft during 86 notes memes
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Anonymous No.60248687 Shitty teacher stories grade Demon math teacher Day before Christmas break, gives massive 10 page math assignment 55 KB JPG Says to do all of it Notice there are some weird bonus questions that are abstract bullshit and have to do with the theming of the worksheet and not math itself, like drawing some sort of Bazooka Joe style comic strip Do everything but bonus questions, do not need to subject myself for that January school starts again, turn in assignment Get 80 on it Look through it Not a single math question is wrong, but all the bonuses are marked as wrong That was nearly 20 years ago and it still pisses me off to this day memes