Sarah St. Onge replied Alexis Isabel  lexi4prez Ending abortion will bring nothing but pain. Not only for women, but for children. Children will be born to parents who can not afford them, parents who aren't ready, or they will live their lives in foster care. More poor kids, more abused kids, more traumatized kids. 739 tl 577K OO 177K Sarah St. Onge She Brings J v I was terribly abused  and  grew up ina single parent welfare home. Stop using lives like mine for validation. Because I like my life, warts and all you know what would've helped when I was a child If pro choice people stopped insisting people like me were better off dead memes
Metropolitan NEOPHYTOS of Morphou 68% AM ON EVENTS IN months ago Rough English translation Interviewer You said recently, we can expect worse. What is this, the worse things to come, that you are speaking of As Covid winds down, can not you see that events which are turning upside down the history of America, is to follow This time a civil war is happening outside the White House. And the worst to come will not affect Cyprus only. Do you know what it means for the only superpower at the moment, of course China and Russia are jealous of them to stop being a sounds good to you, you say, and to me as well, as I have never been friend with the West, yet, until we reach a better place, the whole universe will be shaken Holy men told us about all of this. One of them, Father Joannis Kalaidis, wa
I canttnigood You conscience stand by Pope, his wolves, and the horible men who corrupt the church, who violate the word of Almighty od. if you put faith fin the church more than God you are wrong I wish there were more Fulton Sheen's, Mother Angelica's, Joseph Strickland's, Lefebvre's, Burke's and Sarah's GOD LOVE YOU Casting all your care upen him, for he hath care of you Peter and 7 thechristianwestvirginia catholic protestant christian bible Jesus fyp Average sspx 268 187 Average sspx memes
Ricky Gervais hate mega post think Ricky Gervais is really stuck up and can not admit when he's wrong so he makes fun of people to feel superior. He doesn't want to think about his problems and deflects any people trying to him by calling those people miserable. He thinks Christians and people who follow rules are lesser because they haves morals and do not just indulge in anything that feels good. People like him tend to be addicted to things like drugs, porn or alcohol and yet still think others are restricted or trapped because God says not to do those things. He reminds me of those people in highschool who were raised Christian but never went to church and their only experience with the bible is looking up verses on the internet that prove his point against Christianity. He read parts
Father Rafael Saiz presides over a service at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Los Angeles, Calif., on Dec. 25, 2020. Mario Images February 6, 2021 I I Zachary Stieber Supreme Court Ruling Clears Way for Indoor Worship Services in California A republic if you can keep it IF YOU CAN KEEP IT  A republic if you can keep it IF YOU CAN KEEP IT memes
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Traditional Canadian Girl canadiangirlbc1 Why is my church closed and the strip clubs are open PM 23 Aug 20  Twitter for iPhone 7,152 Retweets and comments The Church Of Satan  ChurchofSatan Progress. 2,0k 25 Share welshmanec2 Strip clubs  no touching Churches do not have a great track record for that. Reply 4 13 memes