XX Susan Rosenberg  Wikipedia After her release, Rosenberg became the communications director for the American Jewish World Service, an international development and human rights organization, based in New York City. She also continued her work as an anti prison activist, and taught literature at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. After teaching for four semesters there as an adjunct instructor, the CUNY administration, responding to political pressure, forced John Jay College to end its association with Rosenberg, and her contract with the school was allowed to expire without her being rehired. 22 In 2004 Hamilton College offered her a position to teach a for credit month long seminar, Resistance Memoirs Writing, Identity and Change. Some professors
Canadians help save U.S. national anthem after mic cuts out Maybe one day we'll et you guys be a city or something. bamamant6 Canadians love America because we're their fucking shield. They just want us all to stay here Canada is dope we'l let you keep D some independence ater we annex you during the upcoming resource wars Fuck Canada stupid ass flag stupid ass laws Banning guns Welp guess that saves them another years of not being invaded They better help', they're just unarmed Americans if you're a Canadian and suck yankee cock you're objectively worse and more pathetic than a Jew  if you're a Canadian and suck yankee cock you're objectively worse and more pathetic than a Jew meme
103618555 PM mfw I realize all of Spider Man's enemies are modeled after the spider's natural predators 9 REPLIES 2 103618579 PM  103618555 OP How is an octopus a natural predator for spiders 2 REPLIES 3 103618601 PM  103618555 OP Rhino, alien symbiote, electricity, etc. seems legit. 2 REPLIES 4 103618607 PM  103618555 OP Ah yes, the greatest of the natural predators, the goblin meme
The Telegraph Telegraph A fraudster claiming to work for the NHS jabbed a 92 year old woman with a fake Covid 19 vaccine CITY. LONDON POLICE The Teleqraph Police hunt fraudster who injected woman, 92, with fake vaccine in London Victim was jabbed in the arm with a dart like implement before being charged which the fraudster said would be refunded by the NHS telegraph.co.uk PM Jan 8, 2021 Echobox memes
Featured 500 trashboat888 Some men just want to watch the world burn Every major city has banned me from using their public transit system except Melbourne, Australia. I have no idea what their breaking point is, but mark my words, I will fucking find it. 347 Michael Caine On his goals Posted in Sentry memes