BLASTING CANTRIP Prerequisite sword burst cantrip When you deal force damage to a creature with a warmage cantrip, that creature must make a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. BooMING CANTRIP Prerequisite thunderclap or booming blade cantrip When you deal thunder damage to a creature with a warmage cantrip, that creature must make a Strength saving throw or be shoved 10 feet away from you in a straight line, CASTLE Prerequisite Level 10, House of Rooks As a bonus action, you magically swap places with a willing Small or Medium creature who is within 100 feet of you, each of you vanishing in a burst of feathers before appearing in the other's previous spot. Once you use this trick, you must take a short or long rest before you can do so again, Caustic CANTRIP Prerequisite acid splas
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