Classic memes

NEW YORKER ve never actually read 1984 myself, but by scouring Twitter I was able to piece this together. So please enjoy what I assume is the classic novel 1984. It was a really bad time. The place America. The year 1984. Everything was, like, very bad. Only one man dared to defy the establishment. His name was Orwell. Orwell Jones. And this is his really dark story about how bad things can get in America. Yes, that's right, the very same America you live in. You see, in 1984, free thought was banned and Orwell had learned that lesson the hard way. It all started when Orwell was walking down the scary streets of 1984. He was about to open up Twitter and tweet about whatever came into his mind, and also the address, phone number, and Social Security number of a congressman he didn't like.