18036813297 PM, Jan 21 Hi Claudette, this is Julie, a MoveOn volunteer. Kamala Harris has made history as the first woman ever to hold the position of Vice President We must join together to fight for bold, progressive reforms to address key issues like health care  and  climate change, and fight back against GOP attacks on Joe  and  Kamala. Will you join us Reply HARRIS  and  we'll share periodic texts from MoveOn's 668366 number  and  we'll send you a free Madam Vice President sticker STOP2Quit al  Copy text Share is this  Wtf is this memes
Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist who is internationally known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action against climate change. Wikipedia Born January 3, 2003 age 18 years , Stockholm, Sweden Height Parents Svante Thunberg, Malena Ernman Books No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, Scenes from the Heart Awards Right Livelihood Award, Glamour Award for The Revolutionary, More this is greta thunberg she has done nothing for this country yet is still one of the most famous environmental ts Boyan Slat is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur. A former aerospace engineering student, he is the CEO of The Ocean Cleanup. Wikipedia Born July 27, 1994 age 26 years , Delft, Netherlands Nationality Dutch Organization founded The Ocean Cleanup Educat
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ONWEALTH CLUB Empathy does not change what you believe. It changes* how you engage what you believe CON WEALTH CLUB The extent to which we focus so much on making people agree with us  we're going to lose. ANWEALTH I do not need you to agree, I just need you tedo what I need you to do w's UB  Empathy is about finding the human connection thatemakes you think that's good FFCUmMMUNWOALIA CLUD In Georgia th legislation that Republicans we trying to move ms for about 2,5 years, and we Democrats blocked it CUIMIMIUINVVCALIPT CLUD CLU COMMONWEALTH CLUB Not because soddenly Had more numbers, but I went to talk to members of the Tea Party. CALI CLUD I did not try them that climate change was real. They do not believe it CUIMMIUINVV CALI IT CLUD CLU I convinced them that property values are real. A
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Study Pandemic's cleaner air added heat to warming planet A new study finds that cleaner air from the pandemic lockdown warmed the planet a bit in 2020, especially in ap Associated Press  WAIT. SO CARBON EMISSIONS PLANET BUT CLEAN AIR Give me you're take on climate change in the comments  Give me you're take on climate change in the comments memes
I Anonymous I 307708326 ago eee ITS OVER No stimulus, 600,000 dead from covid under biden administration, admits he has no plan, admits economy will continue to tailspin, invades north syria, American tax dollars subsidizing  green  energy in third world countries, 70,000 dollar rolex, continues to talk about MUH CLIMATE change aka more taxes 116.6 kB JPG and pointless spending under the guise of environmentalism, what am I signing here  , wants to bail out hedge funders, takes money from China, wear 5 masks goy , vaccinate prisoners before citizens, warmongering after Iran, overflow cities aka more cages for brown people, wants to resettle 1.4 million refugees in the US, canceled keystone pipeline, says it will take ten years for job market to recover, tet cities for illegals in Texas. IT
Cementon Bridge, Northampton County, PA A 3124468 420SSQuickScopingDivision Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, United States, Marketplace E US $1 SOLD this anti climate change peice of shit lol BloodPatnot replied to you Reread the shit. Slowly.  take your time. The most highly cited paper supposedly found 97 per cent of published scientific udies support man made global warming. But in addition to poor survey methodology, that tabulation is often misrepresented. Most papers 66 per rant antially tank na nacitian AF the Cook's paper 2013 analyzed 11,944 climate abstracts from 1991 2011 matching the topic global climate change or global warming  1 . They analyzed these papers by classifying each abstract according to the type of resi category first, with 6 options available. These catag 2 are
Launch a 100 Days Masking Challenge and Leading by Example in the Federal Government Re Engage with the World Health Organization to Make Americans and the World Safer Structure Our Federal Government to Coordinate a Unified National Response to Covid 19 Extend Eviction and Foreclosure Moratoriums Extend Student Loan Pause Rejoin the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Roll Back President Trump's Environmental Actions in Order to Protect Public Health and the Environment and Restore Science Launch a Whole of Government Initiative to Advance Racial Equity Reverse President Trump's Executive Order Excluding Undocumented Immigrants from the Reapportionment Count Part 1 of today's executive orders, also proof that we'll be wearing masks for at least 100 more days.  Part 1 of today's executive or
Sifontaine  Jeremiah Methusela 2 days ago Actually, polar bears can swim very well, and are managing just fine  According to what I've read, they can make good living off Canadian garbage dumps. rN pissvortex wildest argument against climate change i've ever heard groovycolorknightlawyer Wanna lick Ashley pussy pissvortex no thanks outta my way gayboy i'm boutta get it my identity has been stolen memes