WT fun Before the Columbian interchange, there were no oranges in Florida, no bananas in Ecuador, no potatoes in Ireland, no coffee in Colombia, no pineapples in Hawaii, no tomatoes in Italy, and no cacao in Switzerland. wifiunfact com memes
Name Blossom Age 22 Likes drawing, autumn, shopping, iced coffee Dislikes hot weather, fast food, mornings Blossom is a futanari graphic designer. She enjoys working late nights at her apartment. She has made logos for many differant small buisnesses around LA and she is well known around the area as a kind night owl. Her favourite things to draw are animals, and simplistic designs. No one really knows much about her personally and shes not a very social person. One night after finishing a comission she decided to take a walk around a nearby park. While out she found herself in an uncomfortable situation. A drunken woman was getting handsy and flirting with her. Blossom couldnt really get away without getting hurt Shes a switch futanari and you can find out more about her later memes
Only in America can you find a kid wearing $150 tennis shoes, drinking a $5 cup of coffee, typing on his $1000 cell phone complaining on social media that he is oppressed and that capitalism has failed Get trapped under a gas truck bald retarded freak.  Get trapped under a gas truck bald retarded freak memes
Indie Emily White Savior Social Reject Glamazon um chile anyways $0. acts overly sweet nihilistic flawless makeup OFF iced coffee libera bible quote in bio hates everyone makes everything toxic positivity foud music into an aesthetic colonizer socialist leftist Crystal Mom bruh girl spieitual perfect grades adrenaline junkie loves cats knows every crystal organized outgoing probably funny very ch under tattoos piercings watches anime manilests everything appreciated unique style Men my homegirls all got yeast infections Me n my homegirls all got yeast infections memes