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Have we become so brainwashed that we think that its ok to have a month specifally for one race To say that one certain skin color can not say anything on a particular topic because of their skin color My actions are my own, i cant blame them on someone else. Working 2 jobs and buying a house at like it even matters but for you people that think that race plays a factor , dont tell me that a particular skin color keeps me down, thats a lie. Judge by content of character memes
Realvhomas77 Jan periodically shout this out just to REMIND errybody. I'm from CHI TOWN. I've got an attitude problem. I do not really give AF. So RECOGNIZE BLACK BEAUTIFUL TAN IS IS STUL. THE COLOR OF THE BIG Big Boss you say 99 Big Boss you say meme
You are an evil bigot that hates Oh yea At least am not a commie that of color and the LBTQIA community. constantly increases spending and gives You only care about money and never handouts to people that do not deserve consider the interests of the people help. ignore the fact that I refuse to Ignore the fact that have consistently lower military spending and regularly supported the war on terror and often use the power I have to enforce my bail out large corporations and rarely religious views on others all while lowe actually implement the change I claim taxes for the rich and make it so that to support, even when Ihave control corporations are literally considered of congress. Just recently, one people. Also do not mention the fact that of my Governors actually suggested Reagan and pra