Click here for more information about federal benefits CDLE will also discuss fraud during the Friday town halls. The agency has said earlier that there was a big increase in fraud clams on the regular unemployment system once federal programs were shut in December. On its website, CDLE says some people have received inaccurate 1099 G tax forms and anyone who received one didn't receive unemployment benefits may have been the victim of identity that memes
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The Aurora Woods Incident was an incident taking place in the area known as Aurora Woods Northwest of Crestone, Colorado. The supects name is John Michael Astor, a mechanic working in Mason's Auto Body shop on 97th street. The suspect didn't exhibit any signs of deranged behavior prior to the incident and was well liked by his coworkers. The suspect reportedly was an avid hunter and spent his time outside in the woods hunting and hiking. On the 13th of August 2021, the suspect had gone missing and was not seen for several days. A search party was conducted to search for the suspect. The search party consisted of 11 men with 2 dogs. They returned empty handed on the 22nd of August and the search was called off, and John was presumed dead. 24 hours after the search was called off police disp
A Congresswoman from Colorado, in a single tweet, has just done more advocacy for Alberta than a Justin Trudeau ezralevant and his cabinet of cowards. Lauren Boebert laurenboebert  Jan 20 Why is it that Joe Biden would prefer to depend on other nations for our oil when President Trump proved we can be energy independent memes