Vonage Business ae Snygii nt wat WIS aue purta. Me am there cunrenty you need to click on Click PEX Settings, YOU Need to click at Upload music. Me ahi see. thank you very much Cindy F. It's always a pleasure to help, Adam. Cindy F. Is there any other question you may have Me yeah actually im glad you asked whats your phone number Cindy F. Your welcome. Adam Cindy F. Do you mean the Vonage customer service phone number Me no no, meant your personal number Me feel some chemistry here Cindy F. You make my day with that request, Adam. But unfortunately, I the chat agents do not have assigned phone numbers. Cindy F. But I appreciated your comment. Me what wa taik about no Cindy F. I do not mean to be rude, but as a Vonage chat agent, I can only help you if you have a problem with Vonage issues
The Oatmeal Creampie Alright, so first things first you have to shit in your girl's pussy, than you just start fucking her, absolutely go ham, clap them cheeks, then when you cum tell her to push, and if you did it right out will come a slushee of warm shit and cum resembling a oatmeal cookie. But do not eat this one ha ha unless you're into that meme
Ihave a plan. inject me with the corona virus. If I die then all of your paranoid bulls is legit. do not pawn then you all are{ king deceived political Let's go Bring it ALASKA AS ONE Arequiem. To all my friends family and acquaintances. love you all passionately. My son. Timothy, daughter Victoria love ya more than life. All of you have added to my life and character of which am grateful. Currently I am in Providence Hospital ICU fighting covid complications. Each day my lungs are getting worse. may be on the ventilator tonight. That pretty much means the end. My body, heart and all else is healthy, just my lungs are dying. At peace. I know where I'm going to when it comes. I do hope all y'all know your truth too. Love everyone President Trump Fight the hood fight  Break down the lefts fr
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I wonder how fucked I'd be if I became a pirate whaler and sold to the Japanese or other countries Seems exciting tho Definitely would be an interesting chapter of life, become a Captain and basically recreate the legacy of the Sierra pictured Idk, always feel like playing by the rules which we're given is boring because our corporat overlords want us to die broken  Idk, always feel like playing by the rules which we're given is boring because our corporat overlords want us to die broken memes