And acidelf subscribe C C Can I get honest opinions on if This is good of not Can I get an honest answer of what u guys really think of this Here you go made this for u HERE YOUR WELCOME Here hope like it but you probably do not You srobably do not care here made this OPEN Coventry Brassworks Faucets How to spot a retard How to spot a retard memes
For men an upwards nod what's up bro and a downwards nod hello sir. 146K 357 aa Share words PLAY now the day putfakenamehere Upward nod  What's up Downward nod  Being polite Right nod  Come here for a second need to talk Left nod  Lets go Eyebrows raise with slightly left nod  Check out that girl Double eyebrows raise  If you know what I mean REPLY 3.6K 9 View 91 replies memes
Photographer I Member Since May 17, 2012 Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals welcome to for all of us furry who are real adults so this groups is ok any adult things as art music poems anything you want to share with us. please add our icon spread the word rules only rl adults no trolling no harassment no drama if we see your bullying or causing drama some were else we will block you so be nice if you are a anti pony hater your not welcome here with your childish games this group only for adults we need more staff member to run this group Watch Note Block meme
As a white person, even YAAAASS QUEEN SLAY i literally can not even *YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HerE  TOXIC oof oh sweet summer child  maybe, just maybe sVikes let th sink in i olet that sink in bigotry oh hey Yikes who hurt you it's almost as if folks PoC oh, sweetie  losing all faith in humanity y all i'm i'm literally shaki rn wholesome i'm literally shaking rn you do realize ding, ding, ding  Wow just wow. oh boy let's unpack this end this so much this  friendo it's called being a decent human being problematic just shut up and listen meme
Just imagine if the culture was reversed. All media is owned by the right. Facebook and Twitter censor and deplatform the left You can be fired for supporting gay marriage or saying that there are more than two genders. No one can criticize Christians. Any time a black is mean to a white and it's recorded on a smartphone, it leads local news We control the schools and their curriculums. We receive all the government handouts and goodies. All the jobs, too. White Europeans are allowed to come here illegally. They're overwhelming conservative and vote for right wing candidates. If a Democrat is president, both the media and deep state spend all their time undermining him. If someone supports that president, he can be assaulted without repercussion. Christians run gay bakers out of business j