Clybum, the House majority whip, plans to introduce a measure as early as this week that would make Lift Every Voice and Sing, known as the Black national anthem, the national hymn and give it a special place alongside the country's anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. I'm curious what everybody thinks about this idea. I'm not against it, and think the hymn is representative of the USA as a whole.  I'm curious what everybody thinks about this idea. I'm not against it, and I think the hymn is representative of the USA as a whole memes
UNSTABLE ROVALE This is a follow up to my original Unstable Royale concept. People seemed to be pretty interested in the modifiers, so decided to make a follow up with more modifiers and brief descriptions STEADY STORM The Storm is constantly closing in at a steady rate PEPPER DASH Everyone always has the pepper speed boost applied 4 LOW of GRAVITY this Variations of this could be very low, high, and very high gravity FOG OF WAR There is fog y, SNOW Winterfest Hard to see STORM during 2019 storm phase like in Winterfest 2019 DOUBLE HEALTH Variations of this could be double shield and half KEVIN'S REVENGE Cube Monster spaumers generate like in Fortnitemares 2018 FLOOR IS LAVA Lava rises up from below, maybe a potential Floor is Water variation GROUND GAME Low resource caps like in the Groun
Did you know there are more planes underwater than submarines in the s Unless, of course, you consider fish submarines. Using the argument we're neurons piloting a bone mech', the same concept can be applied to fish and since fish live underwater, then they must be submarines for their nervous system. 1950CrimsonChin And since multiple species of fish jump out of the water, it can be deduced that at any given moment there are probably more submarines in the sky than airplanes in the ocean. 1950CrimsonChin memes
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The design concept in was that the towerd selatively subdued hell, Embarrassing. Gut the mean, they plugsuits almost look like, y'know, body body paint. Naturally, I thought the cosplayers wouldn't even consider attempting it. But there they were, at the December Comic Market, the February 96 Wonder Festival, at the You know. hate crowds, so ordinarily the whole cosplay scene is no more than a distant teality. But this this, I had to see. Specifically, I had to see girls in sky blve wigs, wearing white plugsuits. Mmmm, had to see it memes
Bi otherwindow Follow A concept I'd love to see explored in fantasy is the one druid party member not being native to the setting, so they're completely unfamiliar with how to utilise the local flora and fauna. Druid beckons for a coyote to aid in combat Mammoths stampeding Druid oh fuck Druid, casting Enroot his li slow you down Goblins impaled by a dozen cacti Druid, in a desert oh right Cleric So is this a healing mushroom, or a deadly mushroom Druid Do not know, let me ask it. Druid, in Brief Entish are you poisonous or helpful to humanoids Mushroom Habla hongo, gringo. Follow soullessbutsenile Druid can you help me The environment memes
It's the middle of the night but I cannot stop thinking about peeled limes and how evil and cursed the entire concept of peeling a lime is acidbathprincess Why have I never, in my entire life, seen a peeled lime until today I'm flabbergasted memes
OTHERWORLDY PATRON Luck  Your Patron itself, as being simply who personifien the concept of fortune the. itself, Astral known as on simply as Lady Luck. seven travels through the Astral Plane on a reat wheel, her seven snake eyes observing every possible outcome of every ation, her eigh hhands occasionally tugging at the strands weaved by her sister this Destiny, in order for to subtely or bad influence causality, whether She is fickle this is wlimately for good or bad only she knows. She is fickle and it inscrutable, away, and if as quick to give she may her blessing as she isto take it away, and if rifled with she may at even cast a belful eurse she does that lays ruin on whoever fails at tempting her, she does however look favorably upon thase who kiow how to play the odds, and if not s