Top 10 reasons why you  and ssay Tone by Tone should join the fire service 10. The Drip It should go without saying that out of any perfession firemen have the most drip wearing $14,000 worth of gear 9. Abusing stimulants is encouraged All firefighters run off of an abundance of caffeine and nicotine to maintain their composure, the firehouse will always be stocked ll 8. You instantly become 250% more attractive Firemen are the embodiment of big dick energy and a study showed that when asking out women, firemen succeeded 2.5x more than non firemen 7. You can make fun of cops No one in any fire department likes cops so you can talk shit about them all day with no repercussions 6. The Fucking Firepole I shouldnt even have to explain this one, imagine getting to slide down a fucking firepole
Lon A screenshot shows a Beverly Hills police offiggmptaying music from his phone Instagram  mrcheckpoint Activist claims LA cops playing copyrighted music to keep of interactions with the public off social media February 10, 2021, GMT Police in Beverly Hills have been accused of playing copyrighted music while speaking to a local activist, in an apparent bid to trigger a content blocking feature and keep of the encounters off social media meme
The unlocked door that only diz Meech or Rachael are allowed through. Actually if Putin or trump shows up Il let them in. That's it tho If I'm asleep just come I. And slap me awake be kinda quite tho also being loud or booze or I'm calling the cops on u  If I'm asleep just come I. And slap me awake be kinda quite tho also being loud or booze or I'm calling the cops on u meme
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Y'all I think it's absolutely crazy how quick your family will turn on you when you show them their faults. I been putting up with my moms shit and her unhealthy habits for far too long. But once I try to get her to change those to better herself she Gets mad asf and kicks me out of her house cause I wanted her to take responsibility for her own selfish actions. God forbid if you tell her she's not perfect 20 times a day she'll act like the world is falling apart. Keep in mind that I barely had anywhere to go after she kicked me out last night and she went to the extent of calling the police to have her removed from her filthy house. I left before the cops got there so I wasn't forcibly removed. Do not get me Wrong. I will always appreciate what she did for me as a kid raising me as a sing