Minecraftsuggestions Poste by era 20 Waterlog a Sculk Sensor ietocks and tems Disable the sound of a Sculk Sensor turning on by waterlogging it. scomments M Share EditPost Save Hide TWO scomments Months Later CHANGES IN 20W51A Bundles and shulker box items will now drop their items when destroyed. Some changes have been made to sculk sensors. SCULK SENSORS Eating Start has been removed as an event for a few reasons. It is inconsistent with our philosophy around vibrations. Mining a block is not considered a vibration because a physical event hasn't happened in the world yet you can stop mining and the block will revert. This is the same for eating you can start eating, but then stop and the food reverts as if eating never occurred. It wasn't widely considered to be a useful event for playe