But my day. Omilll. My day. So i ordered an uber at 930 in the mornin and they cancled like 4 mins before my pick up time. Soi had to get another uber but for like 10 mins there was none in the area. Then the closest one was 25 mins away. When i finally headed to work there was a cinamatic crash. It was brutal and it happened just a few cars ahead of us. The uber driver told me that if i ever needed a ride scheduled to call him and he would make sure to be there on time. So he gave me his card and i used it to have him take me home. Then he gave me a joint someone else gave him. And went to the store to pick up a lighter and then asked to take me to a bar then he tried to hug me touched my booty and said i was thic So this was my day how was yours So this was my day how was yours memes
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Taylor Payne y March 21 at AM  Somebody found this Corgi puppy laid out in a shop surrounded by claret. They thought he'd been attacked and was hurt and bleeding It turns out he'd eaten and entire jar of Jam and passed out on the floor in a sugar crash memes
Mey randomly leeve one dey, cant see subseription eeds without ads crashing end killing my ahone, wont load 10 posts it will CRASH if i go past 10. his shit never happened until the dey capitel was now cant even stay on Funny for minutes its best if you too leave one day. an echo isit as good as it use to be when you have someone wettching you through a one wey mirror memes