Jay at AM So i decided to believe this delusional hype train and invested like 200k into dogecoin. Guess what I fucking lost This isn't funny man I used my 4 years of tuition to invest for this literal garbage dump of a coin. You delusional fucking apes made me lose and are still saying HOLD HOLD like a bunch of fucking subhuman monkeys with 1 fucking braincell. I want all my money back and I demand for reddit to pay it. Fucking hell u all are redacted for convincing me. Anyone who is considering investing in dogecoin DONT. THis dog coin is literally worth less than the shit i take in the morning. k is Bo memes
The halting probability Concentrated creativity The number Q is the probability that a self contained computer program chosen at random, a program whose bits are picked one by one by tossing a, coin, will eventually stop, rather than continue calculating forever p halts Surprisingly enough, the precise numerical value of Q is uncomputable, in fact, irreducibly complex. Q can be interpreted pessimistically, as indicating there are limits to human knowledge. The optimistic interpretation, which I prefer, is that 2 shows that one cannot do mathematics mechanically and that intuition and creativity are essential. Indeed, in a sense is the crystalized, concentrated essence of mathematical creativity. Gregory Chaitin This is my contribution to a collection of Formulas for the Twenty First Centur
The right's anti Twitter tantrum is hysterical, hypo critical, and partly cynical As one Republican strategist told Politico, decrying Big Tech's censor ship helps to shift the narrative of the moment away from Trumpist terrorists ongoing efforts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and toward a larger, more existential threat for the future of the country. Meanwhile, it is hard to square Shapiro's claim that three companies own the technological instruments necessary for speech with his dogmatic denunciations of positive liberty in other contexts apparently, the podcast host be lieves that citizens are silenced when private tech firms deny them micro blog accounts for being fas cists but not when private hospitals deny them life saving medical treatments for being poor. And, of cours