Aren't you facing negative demographics Victorian Better to face negative population growth than have a positive one where all the incoming population isn't that of your culture RUSKITHEGRE just now really hate the logic of vic that ppl have that just focuses on numbers and nothing else  I really hate the logic of vic that ppl have that just focuses on numbers and nothing else memes
The Jos SJWs culture is cancerous Wallstreet bankers are to blame in the of the tection destroy national wern identity, ation by homogeneity, underning and culture national identity, homogeneity, and culture through globalist policies, cultural marxism, and race mixing in order to create a compliant race while of slaves who do not question authority while they augment therseves with technology in order to become Immortal gods with control overall of humanity memes
Fact 60 World Breaker Hulk was so terrifying and dangerous that when Hulk went up against Darwin, whose a mutant that evolves to survive anything, though it is involuntary, Darwin's power actually teleported him away from the fight as it was the only way Darwin would survive. OH MY SCIENCE   Alan is in the odins mouth to truly represent our athiest culture.  OH MY SCIENCE   Alan is in the MCU    I hope he evolves cum inside odins mouth to truly represent our athiest culture memes
Pa. Department of Agriculture says Mercer County restaurant orders WKEBN Staff 2 days ago COVID 19 WE ARE CLOSED Credit Images Plus MERCER COUNTY, Pa. WKBN The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture ordered a Mercer County restaurant to close, alleging it was offering dine in eating in violation of state health orders. Rage Rage memes
All Verizon PM 54% subscriptions The Real Victim Here  EthanvanS wer Gina Carano is ours. She belongs to the fans. Fuck these cancel culture animals. Feb 2021 Web App The Real Victim Here  THE MANDALORIAN episode 4 review THE SJW INFECTION AWAKENS. youtu via YouTube Aw for fucks sake THE MANDALORIAN episode 4 review THE SJW INFECTION be RE.  3 u wy This is a legendary comic artist and writer of Cyber Frog Imfao what a small world  This is a legendary comic artist and writer of Cyber Frog lmfao what a small world memes
My typing Go fuck yourself A european white girl shouldn't marry a african black guy Obviously it's against the law of nature Hahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha I Everyone should marry whoever the fuck they want That's your degenerating bastard ideology 1 UNREAD MESSAGE European white race should protect their land, population and culture from outsider black nigros 1 memes
What piece of pop culture has ruined your first name PM 25 Sep 19 TweetDeck 359 Retweete 4,015 Likes Karma's Fed Up Bitch Replying to McJesse My name is Karen. Do you really have to ask 608 PM 25 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone Retwests Likes Nick Hand SomePaddy Replying to karenlytle711 and McJesse to see the manager memes
Georgian Her He's probably thinking about another woman. Him The world is only 6% White. They insist we continue to compromise our identity and culture by taking in more low IQ, unskilled invaders. Our children will soon find out what it's like to live in present day South Africa if we all do not wake up soon. 13 Her this is the last time I'm hooking up with virgins neme aut dt sc mme Erik  Georgian Inmagine being a White gentile living memes
Populations of amphibians, including frogs and toads, have been plagued by disease and high rates of deformity. A recent study investigated whether problems among the populations have arisen due to poisons from chemicals associated with agriculture. Biologists from the University of Florida collected local adult cane toads Bufo marinus from more than 20 different locations. Toads were collected from areas close to agriculture both large scale and small scale farms as well as from suburbs. At collection sites where 50 97% of the adjacent land was farmed, males showed high levels of feminization. Feminized male toads were similar in color to females and had lower levels of testosterone and often also deformed gonads. These changes can lead to sterile males or changes in behavior that prevent
POP CULTURE NEWS Britney Spears father loses bid to retain control of delegating her investments The joint conservatorship powers were debated in court Thursday amid intensified scrutiny over James Spears control of his daughter's estate. Her father uses her mental state as an excuse to steal her money memes