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F Barbara My toaster caught on fire yesterday and when I realized it there was a flame like two feet high almost touching my cabinets so I panicked and picked it up so it wouldn't catch my cabinets on fire but then I was just standing in my kitchen holding a flaming toaster and my dad saw me and didn't say anything and I didn't know what to do so I ran outside with it and threw it at the ground but it was on fire so I picked it up and threw it again and again until it went out but then my grass was on fire so I beat it with a shovel until that went out too. Then I came back inside and my dad was just like Whatcha cookin Barb meme

On August 28th, 2020, Instagrammer kenny 2283 uploaded a edit of air hardy's dad reacting to the Grill Nation inserted over an image of a pepper sitting at the edge of a cliff. It's unclear whether this person made the. The was reuploaded to YouTube the same day by Daily Does Of shown below, left. This inspired more Pepper On A Cliff variants. On September MioHonda uploaded a version of the meme to their channel, garnering over 3,900 views in just over a month shown below, right. CALLING ALL OF FAZBEAR NATION NEED TO BE PROPERLY CREDITED FOR CREATING THE PEPPER ON A CLIFF MEME DO YA THING CALLING ALL OF FAZBEAR NATION I NEED TO BE PROPERLY CREDITED FOR CREATING THE PEPPER ON A CLIFF MEME DO YA THING