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A story in 4 tweets, starring Kevin Sorbo Tweet Kevin Sorbo History is being made Tweet Kevin Sorbo It's happening AM Twitter for iPhone 2,451 Retweets 93 Quote Tweets Lil Ashley stClair stclaira People are storming the Capitol in DC right now. 2,451 Retweets 93 Quote Tweets Lil Tweet Kevin Sorbo ANTIFA led the charge into the capitol building dressed as Trump supporters. Kevin Sorbo II To those storming the capitol building Please be careful, do not act like ANTIFA. Respect the police and know they are mostly on our side, they are simply trying to do their job PM Twitter for iPhone ts 3,373 Quote T Ahh Jerkules with teh big stupid Ahh Jerkules with teh big stupid meme
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Anybody else feeling white hot rage over the MSM using officer sicknick as ammunition against the capital building raiders Refusing to allude to the nature of his injury or hospital visit while claiming it was all the fault of the T supporters, give us the full story for fucking once please memes
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