Democracy memes

What happened in Washington, D.C. is an offense to the ideals of American democracy. For nearly 250 years, the United States of America has stood as a beacon for democracy, shining a light for the world on how differing perspectives and ideas can strengthen society. We are all stunned by the unlawful and violent events that unfolded in Washington, D.C. With the election results now certified, we have faith in America's democratic institutions to ensure a peaceful transfer of power and allow the U.S. to move forward together as one nation. In July 2001, the Coca Cola company was sued over its alleged use of political far right wing death squads the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia to kidnap, torture, and kill Colombian bottler workers that were linked with trade union activity. Coca C
And immortality makes this other difference, which, by the by, had a connection with the difference between totalitarianism and democracy. If individuals live only seventy years, then a state, or a nation, or civilisation, which may last for a thousand years, is more important than an individual. But if Christianity is true, then the individual is not only more important but incomparably more important, for he is everlasting and the life of a state or of a civilisation, compared with his, is only a moment. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis memes
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