News Crime Were Several Cops Killed at George Floyd Protests Misleading memes have misrepresented or mislabeled the circumstances of several officers deaths. By Dan Evon Published 9 June Updated 16 June 2020 2020 In June 2020, as protests against racial injustice and police brutality continued across the United States in the days following the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, rumors started to circulate on social media that a number of police officers had been killed by demonstrators. For example, the following set of images supposedly showing 6 officers that died in the last 10 days while working the protests, actually shows officers who died of various causes ranging from brain cancer, to heart attacks, to car crashes months prior
Satanism comes in many forms, remember, satan does not need to convince you of himself, but only make you worship something other than Christ. This is why it is accurate to say the gods of the gentiles are demons. paganism in all forms, islam, Mormonism, witchcraft and wicca, athiesm and even agnosticism are all forms of satanism, just not as blatant as the black mass kind meme
COMMUNIST COERCIVE METHODS FOR ELICITING INDIVIDUAL COMPLIANCE.* The Biderman Report of 1956 and CoviD 19 Chart of Coercion Isolation Deprives individual of social support of his ability to resist Makes individual dependent upon the captor of Eliminates competing with those controlied by Weakens mental and physical ability to resist end deprivation. This keeps people unsure of what is happening. Demonstrates futility of resistance Provides positive motivation for compliance Manes than compliance Demonstrate COVID 19 Isolation Social distancing Isolation from loved ones, massive job loss Solitary confinement semi isolation Quarantines, containment camps Monopolization of perception Restrict movernent Create monotony, boredom Prevent gathering, meetings, concerts, sports Dominate ail media t