Fair enough We knew Vergils controls would not carry over from Dante, and this was done mostly on purpose. Muscle memory is quite unforgiving with stuff like that and we knew it was risk to change fundamental aspects of Dante's set. Most importantly, we didn't want Vergil to be a Dante reskin, if that makes sense. RogerioS RogerioS liked the dopperlganger in principle, but sometimes wonder if it was just too complex of a mechanic. Bp RogerioS Itwould've been a few years between games, and it would start with Kat and Dante saving humans from themselves. At this point, after Limbo collapsed, humans would be susceptible to corruption and turn against others. Kinda lke a growing plague, if you will. Dante would make way across the city with Kat, and he would finish the mission by killing a big