Hey, champ in the making Welcome to the Pewter City Gym, home of Brock, the Rock Solid Pokemon Trainer This is your first real challenge. Once you beat this gym, your path to becoming a champion is set. There's only one trainer besides Brock himself, and you could avoid him. I'd personally take the EXP. If you chose Bulbasaur or Squirtle, you'll cut through this place like butter. However, that'll be a different story if you have a Charmander. Trainer Pokemon Diglett Lv.11 No item No item Jr. Trainers Reward 2220 Fun fact, despite being a rock type gym, all pokemon encountered share the ground typing but none share the rock typing Brock Pewter Gym Red, Green, and Blue Reward Types Types Rock Ground Rock Ground Geodude Lv.12 Tackle Defense Curl Tackle Screech Normal Normal Normal Normal Bid

Conversation with my very religious mother Me did you know that it is a sin to where that shirt and you could go to hell Mom Me I mean it has mixed fabrics. According to the bible, that's a sin. Mom show me where it says that Me levictus Keep my decrees. Do not mate different kinds of animals. Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. Mom Mom Mom well just because it says that doesn't mean you can say its a sin and we'll go to hell Me so why are people doing that with homosexuality Source troyes lip ring Filed under CAN EVERYONE REALISE THIS, PLEASE memes

Jews were beaten in the streets, not by New soldiers but by their neighbors even by children. Because history is edited, most people today do not realize that to get to the point where oldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views  MILITIAS UNITED I got these from a website called Tactical Shit. I'm not jewish, but these are a show of solidarity of the Republicans that are too afraid to speak up ina politically correct society, as well as to the Republicans and conservatives in hollywood and many other places memes

You can discover the weirdest things digging into your family history. For example Apparently, I have a great great uncle who was cursed by a witch after stiffing her on the repayment o one dollar loan. Why he borrowed dollar from a witch in the first place is not recorded. e I also have a great grandfather, a beekeeper by profession, who's alleged to have spontaneously combusted one day while tending his bees. As far as I can tell, these events are completely unrelated the two men are on different branches of the family tree, and never met but I can not help but imagine that somewhere out there there's a witch with unbelievably bad memes

THE US SEEMS OF OPTIONS, IS SECESSION THE SOLUTIONZZ Decentralization or separation are the only 2 options. Separation we form multiple different nations based on regional culture ideology. Or we could just have the entire Right and entire left as 2 different countries instead of more than 2. The problem with both is it leaves us weakened globally since we aren't 1 nation. Decentralization would work the same as the first idea for separation, however we would still be the USA, just with states being much more sovereign, like the Founders intended. No imposing costs on each other anymore. Also we stay on top in that scenario fuck China on top in that scenario fuck China memes

2,161 comments meme that has I religious references  exists Atheists in the comments giflobster 38 You can not test the buoyancy if a ship the size of Noah's Ark using a handheld version. Water waves act in different manner at colossal sizes than they do in a sink. That's just the nature of water. Same goes for boats due to the structural integrity of the material they were made of at the time. ShiftyEagle id 613 230 say something funny

EA whomst Every horse movie Sarah aynn  no one understands me I hate you Mom for making us move out here in the middle of no where there's not even cute boys *runs away and finds mysterious farm* Old man wilkinson  this right here lil lady is a hourisey if yer can tame t it's yoires if not it's goin back to the horse factory Sarsjh *walks up to horse and starts to pet its nose* see girl You and me aren't so different after all Old man wonka  why I do not believe it she done tamed ol misery I reckon she ought to sign her up for the horuse show and save the farm *cut scene of Sarah sneaking out the house to ride her horse everyday until her mom finds out* Mom  young lady you are GROUNDED   You are not allowed to compete in the horse show Staryah  no Mom please *runs away and almost gets hit

Imagine being TheCarefreeJester th No. I'm not. Being attracted to a 13 year old is pe doohilia, and the only people trying to justify it are those who practice it, you disgusting failure of a waste of human potential. TheCarefreeJester except that's literally not the definition you're not doing yourself any good right now bro pec nhobe Pe dophilia is the attraction to a child. No exceptions. Just because you put a different label on it doesn't make it different. A Rose by another name, is still a Rose. TheCarefreeJester yean except you're still just wrong lol. philia is attraction to prepubescent children. Howe hilia is attraction to girls 12 13 and started puberty. conebophilia is attraction to women 14 17 that are sexually mature and no different than that of a woman above 18. peucpnobe

298 215950  720 HOME OPERATORS WATCH SHOP MATCH REPLAYS Replay access is disabled because you are currently matchmaking in a Squad. NO REPLAYS AVAILABLE Play matches to view Replays. Make sure Match Replay is turned on in Options. WATCH ANALYZE SHARE Selegt a Match Replay to explore a previous match. Only 12 are Select Match Replay to explore previous match. Only 12 are Dive into the match from all angles to examine different player Visit the MatchReplay folder on PC to save and share your saved at time. and the list is cleared with each game update perspectives and strategies. Replay files. Each one takes up MB of space per minute. savgd at a time, and the list is cleared with each game update. perspectives and strategies. Replay files. Each one takes up 7 MB of space per minut 60GS 119 m

Meet Brendon the poop diver. In Australia, they do not dissolve the feces with chemicals and instead gather it all in big poop pools where bacteria will disintegrate the poop. When the machines that mix the poop need maintenance, Brendon is their guy This has to be the crappiest job pun intended in the world People who sort by new al Brendon You and are not so different, memes

The Feature Different types of silencers Trying to comment om picture about how stupid it is Supressor* Do not forget oil filters the re supprassors guerdians, The 3506c9Rb blocks $202 7c5cebISbad Content creator blocked you Who are you even Do not eat your own pudding eh memes

Racist Redditor Starter Pack A shallow worldliness from spending too much time online but never interacting face to face with many people who are AC CHYUALL different to them When an ethnic minority tries to discuss their expreiences outside of USA thinks they live in a post racial utopia because they do not hear about racism on the news memes

Best Gore Was the Place to Be For over 12 years, was the go to source for reality news. The founder of the website has moved on to pursue different endeavors. Change, as they say, is the only constant in life. Remember Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it turned into a butterfly I'd like to thank each and every one of you for years of support and making Best Gore the best website on the internet. To get in touch bestgore at protonmail.ch, or bestgore at tutanota.com.  Mark Sad to see it go  Sad to see it go  memes