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Petition details Comments Updates Disney Rehire Gina Carano 1,598 have signed. Let's get to 2,500 Logan Norfleet signed this petition Reyes Villasenor sign Logan Norfleet started this petition to Walt Disney and 4 others Gina Carano, the actress who plays Cara Dune in the Disney show, The Mandalorian, has been fired by Disney. Why Because of cancel culture and Twitter. Sign this petition i've seen SO many posts about how they did her dirty but no posts in featured yet sooo have at it retards unite  i've seen SO many posts about how they did her dirty but no posts in featured yet sooo have at it retards unite meme
I thought of the rifle used for sniping, but it is not a good idea. Of course, the rifle's lethality at a long distance is enough. It is only impossible to have time to aim at the evil devil. It is too big to carry. The idea of using a missile launcher has been there, but it's too messy. In order to defeat the devil and destroy the city, what is the purpose of the Order Knight And I am dirty and dirty, and I can not make too much noise when fighting the demon. In the end, there are only pistols to choose from. It is easy to carry and can be used freely during melee. However, the caliber of the pistol is not enough, and it will not work for some demons. For this I converted into two barrels. Two bullets at the time interval of the launch are also different bullets. One is a bullet that can
Name Takama Age  immortal Height 8'10 Description Purplish red skin, heavily muscled, 3 purple eyes. Has a large black horn protruding from her forehead. In the place of hair are tendrils that are the same color as her skin. Pointed, elf like ears, of which the right one is missing a chunk of flesh. Backstory Up in the heavens, around the stars and in the black void of space. A never ending war between beings of extreme power rages on in silence. A war between gods that fight for the devotion and worship of mortals to secure their place in the universe and to grow ever more powerful. One such entity, knowr as Takama, is more powerful than most and may one day snuff out any other diety that oppose her rule over the mortal desire for warfare and any god who may grow to her strength to oppose
Ail my.ursancictionary.con Unpublish Y f  Resurrection of Christ A spiritual sexual act, used to assert dominance on the Mormons. To complete the holy act, you will need a flash light, and a crucifix. Once you have convinced the dirty Mormon girl to bless you with her precious womb, you will position her into the doggy position. You must ensure the room is completely dark as you proceed to pound away, you sneak out the flash light and crucifix. With Cheetah like speed you turn on the flashlight and jam it into her anal cavity, to where the light is shining into your face, and proceed to raise the cross above your head, announcing that Jesus has been resurrected. As the light of holiness touched my face, and the cross was above my head, she coward in fear. For Jesus had been rebirth'Ed in h
The Voyage of the Ruby's Fate Quarter Master Abraham Tomes Logs Its been Three weeks we ve been at sea now, Oddly calm sailing which Puts Walker on Edge, We haven t even encountered black flags on the Horizon. Its a welcomed Change of pace even if Captain Walker doesnt think things are right. When we left port we set sail with Twenty new Passengers, One being some Cartographer who paid a hefty sum for Us to take them to many islands on the seas. The others are Refugees, Former Slaves or English and french fleeing their homelands. All are Welcomed on board, But they have to be ready for a long Journey full of Peril The passangers are afraid of Edward, it doesnt help they are swapping stories with the crew who only feed into their fear. But they arent a bad bunch, We welcomed them in and soo
Buildiargordony digit of bday Q lamb sauce tchicken 2 gravy 3 soup 4 lamb chop 5 spinach 6 spaghetti quail 8 risotbo egg bday month last number of like like dog food scraps absolute donkey 2 RAN RAW RAN RAN dirty pig 3 half dead 2 boilet brush 4 like a rubber implant walnut 5 fike gandhI's flip flop 4 disgrace 6 pinker than the panther 5 idiob sandwich practically cremated yankee doodle donke 8 offensive lazy cow 9 like a door stop 8 muppet 10 like wet cardboard 9 donut in need of jesus OS ba of jesus 4 meme
Gs to think about dag my dog only brings back the like throwing it Thin what if pall because he is past its expiry date, is it on is past its expiry poisonous or is it no longer poison Which letter is silent in the word mo Scent, the or the C * Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned * Why is the letter w, in English, called double u Shouldn't it be called double v * Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you and It just takes 75 100 years to fully work. Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty, The word swims upside down is still swims, Intentionally losing a game of rock, Paper, win. Scissors is just as hard as trying to win, 100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today every One has cars and only the rich own horses, Your future se