Hi Guys, I wanted to share my experience with you all. I used to rescue pits. I used to LOVE the breed. Then one Day I watched the Sth estate's Should Pitbulls be Banned Documentary and started to doubt. Then I found a group similar to this one where a of a pit attacking his owner and it JUST. KEPT. GOING. after it had been tazed. This was followed by a several hour trip down a youtube rabbit hole where I watched these dogs viciously attack in conditions that would make ANY OTHER BREED stop attacking and run away. I watched dogs bite kids with ZERO SIGNS and pits attack pits while they all wagged their tails, including the one getting disembowled. No other breed does this, Ive lived my whole life with dogs and committed myself to rescuing them. This behavior is unnatural and uncharacterist
Be me, 15 year old retard date and fuck black chick do not stick your dick in crazy btw and she got pregnant. as soon as my daughter came out she up and moved 5 states over fuck her, I'll raise this damn kid myself read tons of parenting magazines to try and be the best dad I can be still fuck up from time to time, like most she loves me anyways, love her back she's 7 at the time of the story be me, a couple hours ago, watching a war documentary on Netflix in my room door opens up can not stop the smile when I see her frizzed up palm tree looking hair she runs in and does the little kid talking thing where it sounds like they ran a marathon but they have to tell you something says she wants to watch movies with me, my movies wait why she wouldn't rather watch bubble guppies or whatever's o
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