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Lauren Boebert laurenboebert Cuomo gets a book deal and an Emmy. Now Dr. Anthony Fauci is having a documentary produced by National Geographic. If these guys would spend half as much time working to reopen America as they do patting themselves on the back we would be in a much better place memes
Sit When Nestle and other companies refused to watch a documentary about the slavetrading and exploitation of African children to harvest chocolate, director Miki Mistrati set up a large screen next to Nestle's headquarters in Switzerland, forcing employees to catch a glimpse of child labor in the cocoa industry. unbelievable facts im Boycott Nestles  Boycott Nestles memes
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Lauren Boebert laurenboebert Cuomo gets a book deal and an Emmy. Now Dr. Anthony Fauci is having a documentary produced by National Geographic. If these guys would spend half as much time working to reopen America as they do patting themselves on the back we would be in a much better place memes
All 51% mm 1001 Tweet You're unable to view this Tweet because this account owner limits who can view their Tweets. Learn more Megan Richardson fa goaliegirl9 729 Replying to gaywonk *nature documentary narrator voice* Ah yes here we see the insecure male dragging down a fellow man in an attempt to feel significant because the other man's accomplishments vastly outweigh his own PM 18 Jan 21 Twitter for Android ill View Tweet activity Someone help me have no Twitter experience. Does this mean I was blocked  Someone help me I have no Twitter experience. Does this mean I was blocked  memes
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