I'm really glad i got a physical copy of this brand new game so i can download 60GB off the disc and then install an 11GB update and then go through all these opening logos to get to the main menu and then a 5 minute loading screen before finally getting into the 12 minute cutscene before playing the hour long tutorial teaching me how to play the game. how did this get so many notes in just 10 minutes Because it's a cold truth we all suffer from vonisy Source the x button 57,858 notes meme
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You Saved Me Johnny Depp Thanks Depop  Clothes Sho. His Supporters For Defending Him VID Amber Heard Facing 10 Years In Prison For Fake Johnny Depp Accusations  751 Share Download Save Johnny Depp REHIRED For Pirates Of The Caribbean Role After Disney Di 6 Aa  367 Share Download Save We did it boys Amber heard is no more meme