*le me, in high school PE class was in le special PE class where they partner up the normal kids with a retarded kid. Guess they ran out of retarded people because my partner was just a normal girl *le my partner, Derpina, le most beautiful girl in the world, le qt 3.14, le girl of my dreams * le gym teacher Mr. Cheese Ok class today we will be playing le basketball. Make sure the red shirts get plenty of time with the ball and show them how to shoot and dribble and stuff. Ok have fun *blows le whistle* *le realize that this is le perfect time to show off my epic basket ball skill and win over Derpina *le shoot le ball *le hit le rim. Which is good for me because thats really high up. The ball weighs almost 5 pounds i think so the height i got was pretty impressive. I would like to see u t