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Winter Weather Impacts Saturday Night through Monday Morning Weather Forecast Office Amarillo, TX Stay weather aware and check back for updates Issued February 11,2021 Precipitation Chances Potential Impacts Potential impacts  especially on Sunday Blowing and especially on Sunday Drifting Snow Hazardous Driving goisecity Beaver Conditions Guymon Reduced Visibility Stratford Gruver Dumas Aresscof bighest impacts concsr winter Dathart forimpacts from winter Borger 80 95% Pampa Wheeler Vega Amarillo lo Claude Vega Amarillo Amaril er Claude Hereford Clarendon Hereford Wellington Hereford Wellington wsamarillo meme
Anonymous No. 16399844 be mage human attempts to shoot at you the spot he was bracing to shoot on has a banana peel on it now he falls before he ever shoots lol, wizards Anonymous No. 16399888  16399844 be wizard have a day job as birthday clown hunters attack there is already pie in their face and now tripping on bananas squirt them with seltzer water drive off while they're confused HONK Anonymous No. 16399976 16399961 driving teensy clown car park, get out hunters have been waiting for me, its a trap and I'm outnumbered  my friend clown gets out another one and another one they keep coming HONK Anonymous No. 16400083 KB, 368x365, clownmagic. gif  hunters comer me Begin juggling objects find around they open fire I caper and juggle rounds ping off of juggled objects instead of me One tou
Deleuzian memes Landian memes if HYPER RACISM LMAO BOTTOM TEXT Every time I drive to Leev's place I have to go by this military graveyard that's about a mile long and goes back farther than can see always the most distressing bit of my day tbh. Not to frame US soldiers as heroes, but it always reminds me of the quote the price we usually pay for freedom is our lives, or something to that effect think it was referenced in a Zizek book. I can not say it's anything less than discouraging driving by the graves of tens of thousands of capable men and thinking about the likelihood of actually seeing this idealized world worth fighting for. Its also very sad to consider how many people have been funneled into the war machine and never managed to survive it
2020 Saw Unprecedented Murder Spike In Major U.S. Cities Percentage change in homicides in selected U.S. cities between 2019 and 2020 Seattle 74.1% Seattle New Orleans 61.7% New Orleans Atlanta 57.9% Atlanta Chicago 55.5% Chicago Boston 54.1% Boston Portland 51.5% Portland Houston 42.7% Houston New York 39.2% New York Los Angeles San Francisco 32.4% 30.4% Los Angeles Washington D.C. 19.4% Washington D.C. Las Vegas 14.3% Las Vegas Source Jeff Asher Statista % These lockdowns and layoffs are literally driving people insane but it's okay because at least they're not dying from COVID  These lockdowns and layoffs are literally driving people insane but it's okay because at least they're not dying from COVID meme