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INTRODUCING KATEMARA She's tiny and she's drinking pints Kate Marawas knocked out by Scotland. The 25 year old had never set foot on our sceptred isle, let alone the mas bit above Hadrian's Wall, when she was cast in nationalist drum drama Stone Of Destiny. But thenative New Yorker embraced the whole experience. know this is crazy but loved the unpredictable weather And the Scottish are so and funny  in, loved the suitably enough, weather Edinburgh. Sh blendedinby hanging I And the out in pubs. So pints SCOttish are my do pint But once  SO sarcastic id do a pint once  Thatneary knocked I and funny her out too. The petite Mara plays Kay Matheson in Destiny, the true tale of four students who broke into Westminster Abbey in the and pinched the Stone of Scone ahunkof rock Scottish kings used