Oh man  Can't believe Carson Wentz is gonna get the trade HE REQUESTED . Can't wait for Brett Favre to tell Carson to hush those opinions and for Dick Vermeil to rip Carson's character like he did DeShaun's too. They had a lot to say last week. I won't hold my breath though.  Adam Schefter  AdamSchefter Sh Eagles are expected to trade Carson Wentz in the coming days in what would be the latest blockbuster QB deal to rock the NFL, sources tell mortreport and me. The most pertinent questions now become where, when and for what. But it coul PM 06 Feb 21  Twitter for iPhone memes
SAAR T RREOILA A, EMAC. ASFARMAA DHRE, AULRRARS AR. GoHawks Seahawks Translated from Chinese by Google When the rams run out of shelter from the glory of the sea eagle, they will die. Rams are very valuable as a source of food and power, so their losses will not be wasted memes